Park San Giusto Trieste, Frequently Asked Questions

All information on our parking in Trieste

Payment and tariffs

The car park has two automatic ticket machines, where you can pay with cash or by credit or debit card. However, if you have a discount voucher, you should pay the attendant at the manual ticket office. Payment should be made before removing the car.
The tariff for an hour or part of an hour is 2 euros. For longer stays, the tariffs are:
Daily tariff (24 hours): €20.00
The ticket machines accept payment in coins, notes (maximum 50 euros) and credit or debit cards.

Parking spaces

Yes, the maximum height for vehicles is 2.10 meters.
The car park has 5 levels, two of which are reserved for short stays: the yellow level, -2 and the red level, -3.
The two short-stay levels are not numbered, so you can park in the first empty space you find. There are 8 spaces reserved for drivers with disabilities on level 0, where the pedestrian exit is. The tariff for disabled parking the same as the general rate.
It's not possible to book a place in the car park.

Private individuals

The receipt for your payment is the ticket itself, which gives all the details (time of stay, payment made etc).
You should go to the office where the staff are on duty, and follow their instructions.
Since 3 December 2002 when Interior Ministry's decree of 22/11/02 came into force and was published in the Official Bulletin 283 of 03/12/02, LPG vehicles equipped with safety systems compliant with UN/ECE regulation 67-01 may park on the first level of a car park, even if there are other underground levels.
LPG vehicles equipped with safety systems compliant with UN/ECE regulation 67-01 are almost all those which have had the system installed since 1 January 2001, when compliance with the regulation became obligatory. To check whether your vehicle is compliant, look at your car documents, which should contain the words "EQUIPPED WITH UN/ECE 67-01 SAFETY SYSTEM".

Main Services

The car park is open to the public 24 hours a day and always overseen by an attendant, who is available for any emergency.
The car park has 4 lifts: 2 for the city central exit in Via del Teatro Romano, and 2 for San Giusto only. To reach street level, there is a further flight of stairs. Wheelchair users should call the operator on exiting the lift, and assistance with the stairlift will be provided.
A CCTV system is in place in the car park, so that any illegal activity which may damage persons or property can be followed up.
A booster service is provided free of charge in the car park. To use it, just ask one of our attendants.


If your vehicle stays in the car park for 24 hours, the maximum payment will be 20.00 euros (daily tariff).
For € 200 a month, you can take advantage of the monthly pass that can be used 24/7. 7 days a week.
For € 160 a month, you can take advantage of the monthly pass that can be used from Monday to Friday from 7.00 AM to 7.00 PM.
For € 100 a month, you can take advantage of the monthly night pass that can be used from 7.00 PM to 8.00 AM.


Footage is not monitored in real time, but is recorded and stored only by the management, including by authorized employees, in accordance with law 196/2003 and the relevant regulations for data protection of the GDPR regulation EU 2016/679; footage is automatically deleted no later than 24 hours after recording.
Images can be viewed and consulted solely by authorized employees of the car park appointed by the management, by the security company and, where necessary, by the police and the judicial authorities.
The car park management accepts no liability in the event of theft or damage to vehicles (including parts or accessories); neither is it liable in the event of theft of items left inside vehicles. Furthermore, users entering the car park are responsible for any damage caused. Users who cause damage to car park equipment are obliged to inform the management in order to ascertain the facts. In the event of damage to vehicles caused by other vehicles inside the car park, where it is not possible to identify the person responsible, the management declines all liability.