The structure of our car park in Trieste

Unique in Italy: two underground spaces, like a safe

The safe car park in Trieste

Your car, locked in a safe

Our underground car park in Trieste consists of two underground sections, each with 5 levels of parking: 3 levels for owners and private individuals and 2 levels for “rotating" or short-term parking; there are also 8 parking spaces for drivers with disabilities.

The underground sections are connected by tunnels to the two entrance/exit points in Via del Teatro Romano (for vehicles and pedestrians) and Colle di San Giusto (for pedestrians), each with a lift.

Inside the two sections there are two one-way ramps joined by a two-way transverse ramp which connects the five levels, giving a capacity of 732 parking places in an area of just under 1,500 square meters.

Of the five floors, one (level 0) is 3 meters above the level of Via del Teatro Romano, and another (level +1) is 9.4 meters higher. The other three levels descend to a depth of -2.6 meters.

Availability of Parking

427 Privately-owned spaces

300 Short-term parking spaces

8 Disabled spaces

2,10 meters Maximum height

Over 700 Users

Private and public parking spaces available.

+50 Places of interest

Museums, Monuments, Churches, Hotels and entertainment.

24h support

The car park is open to the public 24 hours a day and always supervised by an attendant, who is available for any emergency.

4 Lifts

The car park has 4 lifts: 2 for the city center exit in Via del Teatro Romano, and 2 for San Giusto only.

Guaranteed accessibility

For wheelchair users, there is a stairlift to street level.

Video surveillance system

For following up unlawful acts which damage people or businesses.