Parking areas in Trieste

Parking areas where vehicles can be left on payment of a fee by means of automatic issue of a ticket

Outdoor parking areas in Park San Giusto Trieste

Street-level parking with payment by parking meter.

The outdoor parking areas (blue lines) managed by Park San Giusto provide 156 spaces, divided into three price bands, and they cover:

  • The whole of Via del Teatro Romano (Purple zone)
  • Piazza Forno (Purple zone)
  • Via dell’Orologio (Purple zone)
  • Via del Mercato Vecchio (Purple zone)
  • Via Cadorna (Red zone)

In these outdoor parking areas in Trieste, parking is subject to payment of a fee, payable at the parking meter which issues a ticket: the system consists of receiving a ticket for the required time at the start of parking, and displaying it on the dashboard so it can be easily read through the windscreen.

Drivers of hybrid cars and/or disabled drivers are entitled to an hour of parking free of charge by pressing the button on the meter and displaying their car papers and/or blue badge as evidence of their entitlement.
Parking in our spaces can be paid using the EasyPark app or the manual NeosPark device.

Incorrect use of the automatic ticket machine, resulting in no display of ticket or overrun time, will result in the application of the following payments, subject to due checks by the relevant police or parking officers. In the event of failure to pay within 10 days of a claim for unpaid parking, Park San Giusto Spa will proceed with the actions necessary to recover payment or reimbursement of expenses, with a minimum of € 25.82 plus penalty.

Availability of parking

156 short-term parking spaces

10 disabled spaces

EasyPark and NeosPark

RED ZONE (EasyPark code: 711)

Tariff: €/h 1,40
Minimum tariff: € 0,70
Failure to display ticket: € 18,00
Expired ticket: € 12,00

PURPLE ZONE (EasyPark code: 712)

Tariff: €/h 1,70
Minimum tariff: € 0,85
Failure to display ticket: € 18,00
Expired ticket: € 12,00



Download the regulations for the San Giusto parking areas

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Street map

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